Businesses keep Aqret accounts for 5 simple reasons...

1. Never having to worry about late submissions

Our customer care system automatically identifies clients' deadlines in advance. From an agreed route map, accounts and tax returns are prepared and submitted on time which means you can feel completely relaxed knowing it is all under control.

2. To remove concerns about tax liabilities

You can be completely relaxed because we ensure that your tax affairs are structured as effectively as they can be which means that you pay just the amount you should.

3. To create more 'ME' time

Our well designed systematic approach to getting the job done means more of your time can effectively and efficiently be used to grow your business or enjoy that holiday break with loved ones.

4. To improve the bottom line

We will develop a simple step by step approach that is designed to do just that. We will provide you with user friendly tools and techniques for you to implement which will result in improved performance.

5. We offer affordable services

The improvements your business will experience from the day you commence implementing our strategies and processes will cover our fees 10 times over. Affordability will never be an issue.

About Us

Our Aim

The aim of this company is to establish itself as the leading option available to small owner managed businesses.

We are Xero Certified and a member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). We offer you the services of experienced and highly qualified accountants and in the process effectively reduce your accounting and taxation fees to an absolute minimum.

We are also committed to putting back some of what we have gained into the communities in which we work.


Aqret Accounting was established by Barrington Hall, the director. His vision and ambitions were fuelled by his own personal experiences when working for some of the big 60 firms in the UK.

As head of the Accounting Division it became apparent that small business owners weren’t getting that ‘personal touch’. A characteristic that is paramount to the success of their business enterprise. He therefore decided to make a difference by forming Aqret Accounting, a vehicle that now offers him the freedom to give more effectively to these businesses.


Small Businesses
Entrepreneurs, Startups and SMEs

Small Businesses

Professional Services
Architects, Surveyors and Consultants

Professional Services

From Associates to Practices


Cab Drivers & Hairdressers
Transportation and Beauty Care

Cab Drivers & Hairdressers


Personal Tax
Company Accounts & Corporation Tax
Payroll and VAT
Sole-trader and Partnership Accounts
Company formation

Serious businesses keep Aqret Accounts