Accounts Receivables Template


Accounts Receivables Template

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This is a stand alone Excel file driven template designed to record the activities of a business customer. It basically allows you to record when sales invoices are raised, settled, the amount and the method of payment. It also generates a summary of the outstanding debtor balances at any given period.

This is suitable for a business with very few credit sales/trade debtors and is limited to just ten customers at the moment. The workbook is in open format so that you can add more customers but it would require a bit of knowledge of Excel to do so. It is not recommended for use if the business has too many customers, an accounting software would be a much better option.

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Licence: This file belongs to and will remain the property of Aqret Accounting and Consultancy Services Limited and upon full payment will be licensed to the client for their exclusive use. This file must not be passed on to or used by third parties.



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